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Average Customer Rating:

“Definitely helping my gut!”

5.0 Out of 5 Stars

I’ve had Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for awhile and I’ve tried many different things to try and help my stomach issues. Nothing ever worked. However, now that I’ve been using Synogut, my stomach Is getting better. I must recommend Synogut Supplement!!!

– Owen Allen, Georgia, U.S.

“These Actually work!!”


5.0 Out of 5 Stars

It took six weeks to control my IBS. Unbelievable! The product states that you need to take it for at least 30 days. I noticed a difference after only three weeks. Now six weeks later my stomach seldom bothers me and I can eat things that never agreed with me before. I’m very pleased to recommend this to anyone who has Gerd or IBS. The relief that I feel is awesome.

         – Ariana Lewis, Edmonton, Canada

“Super Happy With My Stomach, Thanks SynoGut!!”

couple review

5.0 Out of 5 Stars

“I was suffered from weak digestion and constipation. I and My Wife both are very stressed because of my weak digestion. We cannot eat any Outside Food. My Wife is also stopped to have Delicious food. My wife’s Brother Suggest SynoGut Supplement. I started Just 15 Days Before and I got Relief in My Digestion and Constipation. Also reduce my belly fat too. Must Buy Synogut!!!”

– Julian & Peyton King, Missouri, U.S.

“Amazing Supplement For Stomach Problems!!!!!!.”

review 1

5.0 Out of 5 Stars

“The supplement is marketed to people who frequently deal with constipation, bloating, gut discomfort, and other issues. By taking two capsules of SynoGut daily, I can purportedly support a healthy digestive system. I am Very Happy With this Product and I got Result in very less time. I am going to Order more because SynoGut is Giving Good Offers and Discounts too.”

– Caroline Brooks, Ottawa, Canada

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What is SynoGut?

SynoGut is an all-natural nutritional supplement directed towards the improvement of digestive health. While it can be beneficial for people of all ages with gut and digestive system issues, it has to be most effective for middle-aged people on the verge of developing gut conditions.

This can assist the gut, stay healthy and perform the way it is supposed to. A single capsule of SynoGut can ease gut discomfort, constipation, bloating, and other issues related to the gut and the digestive system.

This Supplement is made from 100% natural extracts; sourced from local cultivators to ensure they are in their purest forms. The manufacturer is dedicated to promoting local cultivators and all-natural remedies for modern health issues.

SynoGut ensures better digestion of food and makes the body more efficient in absorbing nutrients present in the food. It is manufactured at an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility.

It contains various essential ingredients that are essential for a healthy gut. It contains numerous probiotics and prebiotics that help with gut pain, recovery, and inflammation; these ‘good bacteria’s’ also help curtail gut infections of various kinds.

The presence of fibers ensures that the lining inside the gut stays intact, and everything works seamlessly. It also works as a natural Detox, cleansing your body of toxins.

Why You Should Trust Synogut

How Does Synogut Work?

As was indicated up top, SynoGut includes both probiotics and prebiotics in its formulation. By preserving the natural microbial equilibrium that exists within the gut, probiotics and prebiotics are essential components in the process of enhancing the health of the digestive tract.

It contains a primary strain of the beneficial Probiotic known as Lactobacillus acidophilus, which is important for maintaining gut health and facilitates digestion.

If you don’t take care of it, it can lead to a number of stomach problems, like bloating and problems with the GI tract. You can buy this product from

A deficiency in fibers is directly linked to both constipation and discomfort in the stomach; fibers are important for the efficient passage of food throughout the digestive tract and the rectum.

This makes sure that your body gets the right amount of fibers, which are needed for food to move smoothly through your digestive tract.

People who are experiencing discomfort due to stomach pain may find relief from the agony they are experiencing by using SynoGut, which contains natural laxatives.

Aloe Vera and prune extracts are used to make sure that the digestive system works well and doesn’t cause any problems.

It also contains detoxification agents, which work to remove harmful toxins from the body and purge it of anything unfavourable so that it can function at its optimal level. When it comes to purifying the body, detoxifying substances like bentonite clay play an important role.

A University of Michigan Medical School study on animals found that eating a lot of fiber stops microorganisms in the gut from eating away at the lining of the colon and protects against infection.

Either Synogut Works For You

Or You Shouldn’t Have to Pay For It.

The good news is that your purchase of SynoGut is backed with a money back guarantee that lasts 60 days. This means you have approximately 2 months to decide how you like the formula. And, in case you aren’t content, you can have your money back by applying for a refund.

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SynoGut Ingredients

SynoGut contains ten ingredients to support digestion in various ways. Some of the ingredients function as natural laxatives, helping your bowels release themselves.

Other ingredients are rich in fiber, which helps to push waste out of your digestive tract physically. By taking the ingredients in SynoGut daily, you can support digestion in various ways.

Here are all of the ingredients in SynoGut and how they work:

Psyllium Husk: Psyllium is one of the most popular sources of fiber in the supplement world. It’s also the first listed ingredient in SynoGut. A significant portion of each 1.5g serving of SynoGut consists of psyllium husk. Psyllium husk soaks up water in your digestive system, helping to push waste out of your body physically.

Experts recommend getting 25g to 35g of fiber per day, and 95% of Americans don’t get their recommended daily intake of fiber. If you have digestive issues, then these issues could be linked to fiber deficiency.

Bentonite Clay: The second listed ingredient in SynoGut is bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is a natural detoxification aid. It supports your body’s natural detoxification processes, making it easier to cleanse toxins from your body. Many digestive supplements contain bentonite clay for its ability to support elimination.

Black Walnut Hull: Black walnut hull is a type of tree nut rich in fiber. Like the psyllium husk in SynoGut, the black walnut hull could give your body the fiber it needs to push waste out of the body physically.

Fiber pushes everything in your digestive tract out of your body, including waste that may be stuck around your intestines. Because of this effect, many Detoxes or digestion supplements contain a black walnut hull.

Oat Bran: Oat bran is yet another popular source of fiber. It’s a natural source that soaks up water in your digestive tract, making it easier for your body to push waste out of itself.

Flaxseed: SynoGut contains flaxseed, another popular source of fiber. The fiber in flaxseed can help push waste out of your body and maintain digestive regularity.

That means you poop more easily – and more on schedule – than you normally would if you weren’t getting your daily recommended fiber intake.

Prune: Prune fruit has been used for centuries as a natural laxative. Like other natural laxatives, prune juice helps you poop more easily, encouraging the body’s natural digestive processes and elimination processes.

SynoGut contains concentrated prune fruit extract. Instead of eating prune fruits directly, you can get a powdered version of prune in a convenient capsule form.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is best known for its cooling and relaxing properties. However, it’s also been used for centuries as a natural laxative. Like prune, Aloe Vera has been shown to make the insides of your gut more ‘slippery,’ encouraging your body’s natural elimination processes.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus: Probiotics are good bacteria that live in your gut. Many people take Probiotic supplements daily to support digestion and regularity. Antibiotics, toxic lifestyle habits, and other factors can all destroy Probiotic bacteria in your gut.

Many people take a Probiotic supplement to support gut bacteria. Most Probiotic supplements list their dosage in colony-forming units (CFUs).

Although SynoGut does not disclose the dose of its probiotics in CFUs, L. acidophilus is the third-to-last ingredient in SynoGut, indicating the formula contains more fiber and natural laxatives than Probiotic bacteria.

Apple Pectin: Apple pectin is a natural source of fiber. Apples have a low glycemic index because they take a long time to be digested. Part of the reason is the rich levels of pectin. Pectin is a type of fiber. Like other fiber-rich ingredients in SynoGut, apple pectin can help your body’s natural elimination and digestion processes.

Glucomannan Root: Glucomannan root is the last listed ingredient in SynoGut. Glucomannan root, like psyllium husk, is a popular source of fiber found in many fiber supplements. It’s derived from a root and has been shown to help push waste out of your body.

In some fiber supplements, Glucomannan is the first ingredient and prized for its rich fiber content. In other fiber supplements, including SynoGut, Glucomannan is part of a collection of ingredients that raise fiber levels in your gut.

Other Ingredients: Each capsule of SynoGut contains three inactive ingredients, including gelatine (to create the capsule) and magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide (as fillers, binders, and preservatives to hold the formula together).


The Benefit Of Synogut

SynoGut has countless benefits; a few of them have been listed below:

Improves the body’s gut health Improves the body’s digestive system Improves the body’s immunity

Improves nutrient absorption by the body Treats constipation, bloating, acidity, and heartburn

It increases the body’s resistance against gastrointestinal illnesses.

It alleviates gastrointestinal discomfort.

It heals stomach ulcers.

Controls stomach and bowel movements

Relieves painful digestive problems

Aids in weight management

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the SynoGut formula safe for use?

SynoGut is a 100% natural digestive formula that is scientifically proven to aid in healthy digestion. It is non-GMO and free of any toxins or stimulants. The customer responses on are also positive indicating that it is safe for consumption.

2. When should I take SynoGut?

For starters, each bottle of Synogut contains 60 tablets. The recommended dosage is to take one pill in the morning and the other in the late evening. If you take the capsule twice a day, you will notice a significant reduction in gas, constipation, bloating, and other digestive issues.

3. Is SynoGut a good product?

SynoGut appears to be an excellent buy because it is cheaply priced, works organically, and has no negative effects. There is nothing wrong with trying the Isagenix supplement; fortunately, it is produced with natural ingredients, allowing it to function as a natural remedy.

4. Is SynoGut a Probiotic?

SynoGut contains one Probiotic strain: Lactobacillus acidophilus. It’s one of the more popular Probiotic strains available today. Many people take a Probiotic supplement daily to support gut health, digestion, and nutrient absorption.

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